On the weekend of October 17-18, Houston Safari Club (HSC) and the Texas Game Warden Association (TGWA) sponsored a youth bow hunt in Maverick County. First Point Bowhunting donated their 5,200 acre ranch for the hunt, with Game Wardens Bobby Kana and Vu Nguyen of Galveston County present to host and educate kids on the importance of proper harvesting and processing of game animals. Continue reading →

Conservation Force, Dallas Safari Club, Houston Safari Club, the CAMPFIRE Association, the Tanzania Hunting Operators Association (TAHOA), and Corey Knowlton filed suit today against Delta Air Lines, Inc. to compel an end to Delta’s illegal embargo on transport of hunting trophies of the “Big Five” (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo) from Africa. The plaintiffs allege the embargo on transport of a specific class of non-dangerous cargo violates Delta’s duty as a common carrier not to discriminate against passengers or cargo. Continue reading →

With the recent expiration of the Land and Water Conservation Fund program, Houston Safari Club as part of AWCP has attached its support to a letter which recognizes “now is the time for all with a vested interest to have an open and honest discussion about opportunities to modernize LWCF to address contemporary issues, secure full funding for the program and continue its legacy of success.”

Full Letter Here