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Houston Safari Club Foundation Awards Multiple Grants

Houston, TX – Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF), as part of its effort to support the future of hunting and conservation, announces the award of almost $30,000 in grants.

Recently, the HSCF Grants Committee and Board of Directors announced the award of multiple grants. The Liberty University Shooting Team received support for their national shooting team. A grant was also provided to the Ridge Point FFA Booster Club in support of their high school shooting team. The Bay Area Council of The Boy Scouts of America received a grant to replace equipment for their shooting program. Finally, a grant was provided to The Tashinga Initiative to support a remote Ranger field station situated on the mouths of the Chewore and Zambezi Rivers.

HSCF Grants Committee Chairman Shaun Nelson states, “At HSCF our primary grants mission is to support hunting, conservation of hunting rights, land stewardship and educational programs that are focused to that end. We have been very consistent over the years in the support of our primary mission, hunting. After all is said and done, we are a club, an organization, and a foundation of like minded individuals who want to see our hunting traditions grow and flourish. And we want to be able to share those experiences with our friends and fellow club members. HSCF will continue to seek out opportunities to give grant monies where it directly impacts our mission, preservation of hunting.”

HSCF has granted over $3.7 million to protect species and habitats the world over. These projects include research, sustainability, species promulgation, wildlife management, water projects, urban sprawl, anti-poaching and other efforts. HSCF is a leading advocate for hunter funded conservation initiatives, which currently make up 99% of the wilderness conservation programs in existence today. Without these programs in place, and the billions of dollars generated in the hunting industry annually, wildlife would quickly become endangered by an imbalance of nature, species overpopulation, habitat destruction, urban encroachment and other threats.

Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) is a non-profit organization, exempt from federal income tax, under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. The charitable deduction for contributions to HSCF is the cash amount of the contribution, less the value of goods and services received, to the extent permitted by law. HSCF EIN 74-2177975. Please contact your tax advisor concerning deductibility of any payments as business deductions. HSCF is an independent organization, is not affiliated with Safari Club International (SCI) or its affiliates and is not a chapter or affiliate of any other organization.