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Help TPWD Create a New Big Game License Plate

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are adding a new species to their family of Conservation License Plates and would like to invite YOU to submit a photo for use on the actual license plate. 

Bighorn Sheep or Pronghorn ?

The new species to be depicted on the plate will either be a bighorn sheep or pronghorn.  A public survey in November/December will ask consumers which animal they would prefer, which plate demo they like best, and how likely they would be to purchase either of the plates to help make our decision.

Benefits of having your photo chosen: 

  • You’ll be contributing to TPWD’s conservation efforts to fund big game research, management, and restoration projects.  Since 2002, TPWD’s White-tailed Deer License Plate has generated over $1.2 million to these efforts.  We hope the new plate will do as well or even better.  
  • Thousands of motorists on Texas roads will see your photo.
  • You (or your organization) can be recognized in TPWD communications materials, where appropriate (i.e., press release, emails, etc.).
  • It might be considered a tax write-off if provided as a donation.

What type of photo are we looking for ?

  • A mature ram or pronghorn buck
  • In focus, high resolution image
  • Closeup photo where the animal is in most of the frame
  • A broadside to quartering picture of the animal

About TPWD Conservation License Plates

  • The program has generated $8,597,849 since 2000 from the sales of eight plates:  deer, bass, bluebonnets, horned lizard, rattlesnake, hummingbird, camping, and Texas rivers. 
  • The plates cost $30/year of which $22/plate goes right back into budgets at TPWD.  Plates can be ordered online or at local county tax offices.

Next Steps

If you would like to submit a photo(s) please email Shawn Gray and copy by November 23, 2018.  Or feel free to call Janis at 512-578-5500 with questions, or Shawn Gray at 432-296-3724.

Thank you in advance for your interest and for your help in creating a new big game license plate that hunters and conservationists will enjoy sporting on their trucks, trailers, RVs, motorcycles, and cars!


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