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Ellart Vreugdenhil

Ellart Vreugdenhil

Ellart Vreugdenhil

Texas A&M University Kingsville, Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute

Year Received: 2018
Graduate Research Assistant, Working for a MS in Wildlife Management

Graduate Research Assistant, Working for a MS in Wildlife Management

Quail Habitat Restoration in Areas Dominated by Non-Native Grasses

My name is Ellart “Dutch” Vreugdenhil. I grew up in the Netherlands and moved to Texas in 2009. Since
then I have increased my interest in the outdoors and have decided to take my career that direction. I
got my undergraduate degree in forestry at Stephen F. Austin State University. I am currently pursuing
my Masters in Wildlife Management at Texas A&M University Kingsville with the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife
Research Institute.

My Master’s thesis research is on a quail habitat restoration in areas dominated by non-native grasses.
In South Texas non-native grasses have attributed to the long term quail decline by reducing the amount
of habitat available for the birds. We are seeking a way to restore these areas back to quality quail
habitat. We are using a combination of repeated disking and herbicide application to rid the area of non-
natives. After that we planted native grasses, forbs, shrubs, and cacti to accommodate all the needs of
quail. The vegetation has been monitored since before the restoration started and is still being
monitored. If this restoration proves to be successful it could alter the landscape in South Texas and
combat the quail decline.

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