Social-Distancing Can Save Wild Sheep

“Social-distancing” is a term most hope disappears from the lexicon soon. While the concept of keeping a safe distance during the COVID-19 pandemic is wisdom, losing the connection to others is challenging for humanity. For wild sheep, social-distancing is essential. Domestic sheep and goats can transmit a form of pneumonia to bighorn and thinhorn sheep that is devastating to herds. It is so devastating that more than two million that existed at the time of Lewis & Clark’s expedition declined to around 25,000 by the early 1900s. “Wildlife agencies and conservation groups have done a remarkable job of bringing them back to around the 150-175,000 range, but there is still a major problem with exposure to domestic sheep. Die-offs are occurring in pockets right now in states like Oregon and Utah,” said Chester Moore, an award-winning wildlife journalist, member of the Houston Safari Club Foundation and founder of Higher Calling


(Houston, TX- January 3, 2021) Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) proudly announces FORLOH as the Official Technical Apparel of HSCF. FORLOH and HSCF have teamed up to spread the word about FORLOH’s technology-driven, ‘Made in America’ apparel line while working together to support HSCF’s mission to preserve the sport of hunting through education, conservation, and the promotion of our hunting heritage. “We are proud to join the Houston Safari Club family. This respected organization shares our vision for preserving the future of hunting through conservation and through fostering a love of the sport for future generations,” said Andy Techmanski, Founder and CEO at FORLOH. “We’re also proud to partner with this organization for their appreciation and support of our vision for manufacturing the only American-made hunting apparel on the market.” “We are extremely pleased to announce FORLOH as the official technical apparel of HSCF. FORLOH’s view of hunting as a

Current State of International Travel By TWG Travel

As this year’s pandemic has halted and altered our daily routines, some industry sectors were greatly affected on how they would continue doing business as mandatory restrictions were set in place. One of the industries that were greatly affected was the Travel Industry. Bans and prohibited travel had our industry issuing refunds and managing credits at a magnitude that we had not seen in over two decades. International routes into the United States are becoming more available but are still limited due to the lack of demand on these routes. It is best to secure flights with a carrier that is actively flying to and from your home country, to increase your flexibility of travel for any future cancellations or schedule changes. For US hunters and travelers, travel is permitted to those countries which are open for international visitors such as, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Turkey,

HSCF Awards $75,000 In Grants To Support Hunting, Shooting Sports, Conservation And Youth Education

(Houston, TX- November 11, 2020) Houston Safari Club Foundation, as part of its efforts to support the future of hunting, shooting sports, conservation and youth education, recently awarded $78,000 in grants to various organizations.  Grants were provided to Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, Conservation Force, the Isibaya Leopard Conservation Project, the HSCF’s Veterans Outreach Program, the Texas Wildlife Association, the Spring Branch FFA Clay Crushers shooting team and the Wild Sheep Foundation. HSCF also provided $1,500 in funding to support the outdoor education programs at Hargrave High School and Crosby High School. HSCF has granted over $4 million in grants to protect and promote the future of hunting, shooting sports, education, conservation, habitat, and wildlife. The programs supported are based both domestically and abroad. About Houston Safari Club Foundation Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the sport


Trump Administration Returns Management and Protection of Gray Wolves to States and Tribes Following Successful Recovery Efforts More than 45 years after gray wolves were first listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the Trump Administration and its many conservation partners are announcing the successful recovery of the gray wolf and its delisting from the ESA. U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt was at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge to announce that state and tribal wildlife management agency professionals will resume responsibility for sustainable management and protection of delisted gray wolves in states with gray wolf populations, while the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) monitors the species for five years to ensure the continued success of the species. President Trump Signs S. 3051, America’s Conservation Enhancement (ACE) Act The law will Commission a study by the National Academy of Sciences regarding the pathways and mechanisms of


(Houston, TX) Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) is proud to announce its quarterly publication, Hunter’s HornTM, was awarded an honorable mention for design excellence (Ozzie) in Folio’s annual 2020 awards, in the Design Category for Single Magazine Issue/Association/Nonprofit/Charity. For more than 25 years, the Eddie & Ozzie Awards have recognized excellence in engaging content and gorgeous design across all sectors of the publishing industry—and 2020 is no different! This year’s winners list features the crème de la crème of content creators and designers—a pool of roughly 300 winners narrowed down from thousands of entries. About Houston Safari Club Foundation Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the sport of hunting through education, conservation, and the promotion of our hunting heritage. HSCF has awarded 550 scholarships totaling $2.5 million dollars. HSCF conducts youth outdoor education programs, career training, hunter education and field experiences
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