Monte Long

Monte Long

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XS Sights

Monte was born in Fort Worth, Texas and grew up a few miles north in Keller. His dad is a veterinarian, and growing up, they lived outside of town. His fondest memories of childhood almost all revolve around shooting and hunting with his dad and G-Dad (his grandfather) or running through the pastures surrounding his dad’s clinic with a BB gun, a .22 or a shotgun and his old Australian Shepherd, Tuffy.

While going to college, Monte found Tac Pro Shooting Center, in Mingus, Texas.  It was there that he entered his first 3-gun match. That match was miserable! It was cold (it never got above 35° that day), rainy and he finished up dead last. He was instantly hooked on the sport!

Since that cold, rainy day, he has spent a lot of time asking questions, listening and leaning from a lot of fellow shooters. He’s gone from dead last in that first match to typically being close to the top of the list when it’s all said and done. 

Since becoming a full-time employee at XS Sights, Monte has been able to continually increase his skills and abilities as a competitive shooter. It is through his hard work and lots of help from friends and sponsors, as well as an understanding boss and co-workers, that he is able to continue improving and chasing his dream. Monte is a marketing and sales engineer, expert marksman and avid hog and deer hunter. His certifications include Tac Pro Shooting Center Primary Pistol, Tac Pro Shooting Center Intermediate Pistol, Tac Pro Shooting Center Advanced Pistol, Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT) Carbine Operator, CSAT Pistol Operator, CSAT Carbine/Pistol Instructor, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Basic Instructor, TCOLE Firearms Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division (LEAD) Pistol/Shotgun Instructor, and NRA LEAD Select Fire Weapons Instructor.


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