Jon LaCorte

Jon LaCorte

Jon LaCorte grew up in Queens, New York, an area not known for having large numbers of hunters. So you might say it takes some folks by surprise when they find out Jon’s been doing it his entire life. Luckily, taking to the outdoors in pursuit of wild game is a long-standing tradition in the LaCorte family and it’s no surprise that after spending a few years following his father, grandfather and uncle through the woods as a boy, Jon found one of his true loves and never looked back.

Now, many hunts and many miles traveled, Jon has never forgotten his roots or what guides his life – the love and support of his wife and children, an unwavering faith in God and a passion for the outdoors – all of which have served to make TRACT Optics a reality. Having spent more than 15 years working in product development and marketing for the hunting optics division of Nikon, he learned a great deal about every aspect of the outdoor industry, from sales and logistics to press relations and customer service. Jon worked to develop patented reticle systems as well as expand the product offerings from just a few SKU’s to a plethora of options in riflescopes, binoculars, rangefinders and spotting scopes.

While it was a great experience helping build Nikon into a major player in the optics category, Jon had the opportunity to go to work for Flint Holdings, a family-owned group that controls Montana Decoy and WASP Archery Products. Being a die-hard bowhunter, he jumped at the chance to work more closely within the archery product category and take on the challenge of helping grow these companies from a product and marketing standpoint.

It became apparent to Jon that the consumer market has evolved in a new way. Instant gratification, meaning people with less time are looking for easier methods of purchasing products. As many large corporations are more concerned with satisfying investors and increasing their top and bottom lines, the focus on what is really important, the customer, has diminished. This spurred the idea to start an optics company with a vision of providing you, the customer, not only a great product and a great value, but a truly awesome experience.

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