Heidi Rao

Heidi Rao

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 When she is not working for the State of Texas, she is an avid supporter of the Nation Rifle Association (NRA). Heidi is a lifetime member of the NRA and is a Training Counselor. She conducts basic and instructor firearms training classes in rifle, shotgun, pistol, and defense and protection in and out of the home. She also teaches the Texas License to Carry (LTC) Course.

Heid has served on the NRA Youth Programs Committee and currently serves on the NRA Ladies Pistol Project Team. She is a contributing author, submitting articles to NRA Women, NRA Family, and NRA Hunter’s Leadership Forum. For all her hard work, she is recognized and is the proud recipient of the 2022 Golden Bullseye Award for NRA Women: “Woman of the Year.” 

 Heidi began her business North American Outdoors in 2013 and continues to promote the outdoors through hunting, trapping, firearms safety, and education. She and her husband have published 7 books to date, all focused around introducing kids and parents to firearms and hunting, how to raise a “wild” child, and keeping safe when recreating where wildlife predators roam. She also has a weekly podcast called “North American Outdoors.”

Heidi is very active in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Three of her sons are Eagle Scouts with the fourth one working hard to soon achieve the honor of his brothers. She is an Assistant Scoutmaster with a Troop. She started her own BSA Venturing Crew that concentrates on hunting and marksmanship skills: Venture Hunting Crew .30-06.

If that was not enough, Heidi is also married with four sons! Heidi and her husband John continually teach the outdoor traditions of hunting, trapping, camping, and the shooting sports to their four boys. Heidi has always believed that when you train the mom, you involve the entire family!

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