Nelli Williams & Tia Shoemaker

Nelli Williams & Tia Shoemaker

Nelli Williams

Nelli Williams is the Alaska Director for Trout Unlimited and has worked for the past 12 years on stopping the proposed Pebble Mine and securing long-term protections for Bristol Bay. She lives in Anchorage where she spends most of her non-working time exploring Alaska’s abundant rivers and public lands with her husband and two young children.



Tia Shoemaker

Tia Shoemaker grew up in a remote hunting camp in bush Alaska. She is a Registered Alaskan Hunting Guide, fishing guide and licensed pilot. When she isn’t hunting or fishing, she is usually writing something about hunting or fishing and the importance of maintaining wild places.

Tia has a degree in Outdoor Therapeutic Recreation. She has worked all over Alaska and Montana as a fishing guide and Outdoor Educator. Tia runs the fishing business, guides during hunting season and hasn’t missed a hunting season with Grizzly Skins since she was 14. Many consider her to be the top trophy producing guide.

Topics To Be Discussed:

In this episode of Hunting Matters we sit down with Nelli and Tia! Nelli tells us about Trout Unlimited and what she does for them. Tia discusses her life of guiding since 14, and degree in Outdoor Therapeutic Recreation. Nelli and Tia explain Pebble Mine, what is it, why we should care, how long it has been going on and the current status and of course what we can do to help! After the serious discussion we have a bit of fun and learn more about them and what they enjoy doing in their spare time.

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