HSCF Sporting Clays Tournament Winners

2021 HSCF Sporting Clays Tournament Winners

Thank you to all shooters that participated in the HSCF Sporting Clays Tournament and congratulations to the winners! See you in 2021!

HOA – Male:  Justin Napier (100)
HOA – Female:  Harlee Alexander (89)
HOA – Youth:  Connor Baker (99)
HOA – Veteran:  Jay Shaw (75)
HOA – HSCF Member: Steve Crawford (97)

A Class – 1st Place Team: A-Affordable Office Furniture (383)

  • Mark Tipton
  • Justin Napier
  • Tom Murphy
  • Karl Stellpflug

A Class – 2nd Place Team: Commanche Contractors (372)

  • Steve Crawford
  • Pablo Montealegre
  • Danny Davis
  • Kim Shapiro

B Class – 1st Place Team: Able Power Management (304)

  • Dan Sugulas
  • Matt Pyle
  • Matthew Seligmann
  • Darrell Kainer

B Class – 2nd Place Team: LJA Engineering (301)

  • John Mercer
  • Jeff Hieber
  • Michelle McElya Fisher
  • Carlos Guzman

C Class – 1st Place Team: Athena Gun Club (235)

  • Mike Jaster
  • Ethan Mann
  • Chris Johnson
  • Charlie Johnson

C Class – 2nd Place Team: Spring Brank FFA 2

  • Trey Baker
  • Gordon Richardson
  • Vivian Darnell
  • James Cox

Flurry Game Winners – Team: A-Affordable Office Furniture

  • Justin Napier
  • Mark Tipton
  • Tom Murphy
  • Karl Stellpflug

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