HSCF Sporting Clays Tournament Winners

2022 HSCF Sporting Clays Tournament Winners

Thank you to all shooters that participated in the HSCF Sporting Clays Tournament and congratulations to the winners! See you in 2023!

HOA – Male:  Kyle Krause 
HOA – Female:  Cherri Teutsch (86)
HOA – Youth:  Jacob Livanec (89)
HOA – Veteran:  Jay Shaw (78)
HOA – HSCF Member: Mike Ambrose  
Last Place: Marla Voltin (22)
Annie Oakley Champion 2022: Kyle Krause
Annie Oakley Champion 2021: Clay Shock

A Class – 1st Place Team: Radcliff Home Inspections (384)

  • Kyle Krause
  • Mike Sellers
  • Carl Stellpflug
  • Vence Petrenella

A Class – 2nd Place Team: Alliance Graphics (390)

  • Clay Shock
  • Robert Smith
  • Jeff Birmingham
  • Prentiss Burt

B Class – 1st Place Team: Bert Langdon (336)

  • Steven Wyatt
  • Bert Langdon
  • Richard Tauber
  • Robert Langdon

B Class – 2nd Place Team: Ruple Properties (322)

  • Jason Ruple
  • Andrew Little
  • Garrett Ruple
  • Ryan Warner

C Class – 1st Place Team: Cokinos Young (263)

  • Joe Walker
  • Patrick Garner
  • Gene Human
  • Graham Quinn

C Class – 2nd Place Team: Wildlife Partners (262)

  • Matt Pyle
  • Jeff Garrett
  • Chris Gilroy
  • Joe Betar

Flurry Game Winners – Team: Alliance Graphics (95)

  • Clay Shock
  • Robert Smith
  • Jeff Birmingham
  • Prentiss Burt

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