How long have you been a member of HSCF?

I joined in December of 2020

Why did you become involved in SDS?

I was wanting to get involved with like minded individuals around my age and share my love of hunting and the outdoors.

What is your favorite part about being an HSCF and/or SDS member?

Personally this group has become like family. I’ve met some great friends, great mentors, and some really amazing people.

What is your goal as an SDS leader?

My goal is to build on the leadership from last year. Chase and I, along with other members of leadership worked extremely hard to build a group people would want to join and get involved with. Now with Tim and Kyle taking over we can see the growth of the club and it truly is amazing.

What is your career field?

I work in Commercial Real Estate in the Loan Servicing division.

Preferred hunting weapon-rifle, shotgun, or bow?

So I’ve actually only hunted duck and dove so I guess I would have to say shotgun but I absolutely love the bow.

What is the one item you would have if you were shipwrecked on an island?

I’d probably want to have some sort of knife. That way I could cut wood, kill for my food, and protect myself if someone else was there too.

What was your most challenging hunting experience?

Honestly any duck hunt I’ve ever been on. I’ve only hunted public land up until now to that comes with a lot of challenges. Plus I haven’t been very accurate when shooting so it stinks when you miss.

What has been your favorite hunt trip so far and why?

Also duck hunting. The most amazing part for me is right before shooting light when you can see the birds flying and landing on the water. The sun is rising and its just peaceful and beautiful. That makes all the frustration, freezing my butt off, and the missed shots worth it to me.

Do you have a bucket list hunt you are working towards?

I would absolutely love to be able to stalk and shoot and elk with a bow. I know it would be such a rush and just an amazing experience.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I mean I kind of already do have a superpower cause I’m a genetic unicorn but I’d say I’d love the ability to make people around me happy. I don’t know what that would look like or if that’s even a real “superpower”, but I really think it would be the best superpower.

Why should young professionals join the Stag and Dove Society?

Honestly, you can’t find better people or a better environment to be in. With the support of HSCF and some really great ideas coming out of leadership there is no better place to be if you love hunting, fishing, or the outdoors. The opportunities and networking we are bringing to young professionals is unmatched in any other group I’m a part of. You’re going to meet your best friends in this group.



Stag & Dove Society (SDS) is a leadership group made up of young professionals, between the ages of 21 and 39 years old, who are rising leaders across a range of industries. Members, through their time, talent and resources, help expand the capacity and advance the mission of HSCF. Stag & Dove Society helps cultivate the next generation of leaders and supporters of HSCF.

Stag & Dove Society is a gateway to engage talented volunteers, connect with other young professionals and other HSCF members, and raise awareness among a younger generation to ensure the longevity and support of our organization.

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