How long have you been a member of HSCF?

I have been a member for nearly a year and half

Why did you become involved in SDS?

I saw an opportunity to connect with like-minded young professionals who had a passion for the outdoors and conservation that could help further my own knowledge and make a long-term impact on the rights of hunters and conservationists. 

What is your favorite part about being an HSCF and/or SDS member?

I love getting to connect with older, more experienced, members who can give insight and advice about all things, not just hunting. I believe there Is so much the older generation can teach us about conservation and life in general and are a resource for the next generation. 

What is your goal as an SDS leader?

I hope to continue to bridge the gap between the older generation of HSCF and SDS. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that we as the younger generation need to be looking to for guidance.  

What is your career field?


Preferred hunting weapon-rifle, shotgun, or bow?


What is the one item you would have if you were shipwrecked on an island?

Satellite phone

What was your most challenging hunting experience?

Growing up we would hunt deer in 16-24 inches of snow. It made it extremely difficult to get to and from our spots as well as not to make too much noise.

What has been your favorite hunt trip so far and why?

I recently returned from a 7-day hunt in Patagonia Argentina for Red Stag during the rut (or the roar as they call it). It was an amazing and primal experience to hear and see these animals during their mating season and is something I will always recommend someone to do. 

Do you have a bucket list hunt you are working towards?

I’ve always dreamed of hunting Red Stag in New Zealand, specifically the South Island. Also, on my bucket list is Northern Arizona elk!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Gotta be to fly!

Why should young professionals join the Stag and Dove Society?

Joining SDS will allow young professionals to expand their network with individuals who share like-minded values and initiatives while also working towards a common goal of preserving the sport of hunting through education, conservation, and the promotion of our hunting heritage.


Stag & Dove Society (SDS) is a leadership group made up of young professionals, between the ages of 21 and 39 years old, who are rising leaders across a range of industries. Members, through their time, talent and resources, help expand the capacity and advance the mission of HSCF. Stag & Dove Society helps cultivate the next generation of leaders and supporters of HSCF.

Stag & Dove Society is a gateway to engage talented volunteers, connect with other young professionals and other HSCF members, and raise awareness among a younger generation to ensure the longevity and support of our organization.

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