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Kelton Mote

Kelton Mote

Kelton Mote

Texas Tech University

Year Received: 2018

Graduate Assistant / Thesis M.S. in Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Management / Quail-Tech Alliance Research Program

Effects of Predator Reduction on Northern Bobwhite Nest Success and Chick Survival in the Rolling Plains of Texas

I recently graduated from Tarleton State University and began my field work as a master’s student in January at Texas Tech. Growing up the son of a wildlife biologist provided me with opportunities to experience wildlife conservation up close from a young age. While most of these opportunities were through hunting and fishing, sometimes they came as glimpses of wildlife research.

My research is being conducted at the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas. Our goal is to determine if the reduction of mammalian nest predators has an effect on northern bobwhite nest success and/or chick survival. To accomplish this goal, we are trapping and removing meso-mammals and monitoring nest success and chick survival with the use of radio telemetry. By equipping hens with VHF necklace-style transmitters we are able to monitor their movements and locate nests. Chick survival is monitored by equipping 9 to 12 day old chicks with miniature VHF transmitters. This project is one facet of a large-scale quail research and education program being initiated in the Rolling Plains of Texas.

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