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Jay VonBank

Jay VonBank

Jay VonBank

Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Year Received: 2018

Ph.D. Candidate, Wildlife Science, Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute

Migration, Movements, and Winter Ecology of Midcontinent Greater White-fronted Geese

Jay is a Minnesota native who received his Bachelor of Science degree in Aquatic Biology from Bemidji
State University in 2013. He completed his Master of Science degree in Biological Sciences in 2015 from
Western Illinois University studying invasive plant species in riverine and floodplain wetlands and
waterfowl bioenergetics. Jay currently researches ecology and movements of greater white-fronted

Greater white-fronted geese historically utilized the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast region exclusively
during winter, but in recent years have shifted their primary wintering range northward. Jay’s research
uses advanced GPS tracking devices attached to white-fronted geese to determine if factors such as
climate, landscape and habitat changes, and environmental variables affect the movement and
wintering distribution of white-fronted geese. Fall and spring migrations are energetically taxing events,
and Jay will describe migration characteristics (such as stopover locations, duration, and timing), and
determine if specific breeding populations, migration characteristics, and environmental variables affect
winter distribution. Spring migration precedes breeding season, and Jay will determine if migration
characteristics during spring affect breeding success or failure of white-fronted geese. The implications
of this research will address the scientific needs of several organizations and aid in establishing future
hunting regulations and conservation efforts.

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