Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith, Owner, Revital Outdoors


Kyle was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. Starting at an early age, Kyle grew to love the outdoors, both hunting and fishing. He attended the University of Florida and earned his degree in Civil Engineering. While earning his degree, he competitively fished for the University of Florida in their collegiate fishing program. After graduation, Kyle went to work for a major oil and gas producer where he learned a great deal about project management and supply chain management. Kyle married his dream wife, Dawson, and they have a beautiful daughter, Olivia.

Kyle is the founder of Revital Outdoors, as inspired by his father. Kyle’s father is an avid whitetail deer hunter, but after knee and back surgery, his physical abilities were not at their peak. He struggled to sleep while facing sciatic nerve pain caused by bone spurs in his back. Walking, hiking, and even standing was a challenge due to the inflammation in his knees. He had been prescribed a variety of pain and sleep medications that he began to build a tolerance against. He knew he had to do something different, more effective, healthier. His younger brother suggested CBD oil and that was the start of it all. The results were phenomenal! Within a couple of months, Kyle’s dad exclusively used CBD oil to promote joint comfort and restful nights. Whether on a hunt, on the water, or in the comfort of his home, Kyle’s dad religiously took CBD oil each day. It was not long before Kyle noted a change in his dad – he appeared more rested, restored, and revitalized with a renewed passion for the outdoors.

This experience led him to recognize that millions of outdoor enthusiasts, like Kyle’s dad, could also benefit from hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, and CBG. With a big leap of faith, Kyle left his corporate job and safety net to follow his true passion: helping fellow outdoor enthusiasts revitalize their passion for the great outdoors.

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